Chinese Antiques
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CA 1321
Fabulous pair of Famille Rose vases with Daoguang 6 characters Mark in red.
This pair with red mark written in beautiful calligraphy was commissioned by the Palace during Emperor Daoguang reign as wedding gift to be presented to Court Officials and faithful Chinese representatives overseas.

In the Qing Imperial Court Custom, Red is for auspicious occassions and black for funeral.

The Fenchai enamels were closely examined and confirmed to belong to Daoguang period which despite the boxer rebellion were still much superior to enamels used in later reigns wares due to domestic unrest and lack of funds.

This pair once belonged to a prominent Chinese family in Indonesia whose ancestor was a Court Official during Emperor Daoguang reign.

The family was my business associate and due to the Indonesian anti Chinese riot during the Asia financial crisis in 1998, they brought their family treasures to Singapore for safe keeping. I managed to persuade them to sell some imperial wares inclusive of this pair of vases to me for my planned Chinese antique store.

Height approximately 60cm. in perfect condition except a firing clean cut line on the tail of the fu dog on the left vase.

The pic that shows the front and back designs was taken with flash so the colors aren't accurate. The main picture depicts the actual colors.
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