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Yasunobu- Imperial gift sword with "ONKASHI" engraved on its Habaki.
A Yasukunito awarded by the emperor to Colonel Nakamura. The blade is signed "Yasunobu", dated "Showa Jugo-nen Ni-gatsu kichi-jitsu (lucky day, Feb., 1940), shinogi-zukuri shape, made before WWll. This sword has Kanji "Onkashi" engraved on the habaki. The blade is in original polish with ububa and in excellent condition. The temper line is wavy kochoji temper pattern and has deep temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada and the cutting edge is sharp. The owner's name "Nakamura" in silver is attached onto the kabutogane and all Tsuba, seppas, lock pin and fuchi are matching with number 71 stamped.
The overall condition of the sword is in near mint condition and it could be the owner was a senior commanding officer not involved in field action.

Only blades of exceptional quality are chosen as Imperial gift and it was a great honor to the smiths.

The blade measures 26+3/4" tip to the guard, 25+3/8" cutting edge, 1+1/4" width, 7.5 mm thickness at the notch and 40+1/2" in mountings
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