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TAMESTUGU Katana, Nanbokucho era, NBTHK, Juyo Token
There is an old Japanese saying " one never sees a Ghost or a Go sword (Go Yoshihiro). Go Yoshihiro died at the young age of 27 or 30 and he left behind few swords, all unsigned.

For some special reason, I want to buy a Go and I set a decent budget for it but prices came back were much higher than what I am willing to pay.

Norishige and Go made incomparable sword masterpieces that must be said to be unparalleled.

As a Go sword is currently out of reach, the next best choice is a sword by his son. After I bought the Tamestugu, his teacher and adopted father, Norishige sword pops out from nowhere on my mobile phone screen...very weird! I would say, the sword seek me out.

If it is meant to be, I hope, sooner or later, the Go will come to join the family.

It is stated in books that many swords attributed to high level smiths could have been made by their son, student or another good smith from the same school.

Tamestugu is said to be the son of Go Yoshihiro and was adopted by Norishige upon the early demise of his father, Go.

He studied under his father earlier and later with Norishige. His best works are often mistakenly kantei to Norishige and sometimes as Go.

The last photograph depicted the closeness of the work between the teacher and the student in the forging of the Matsukawa haha ( Pine tree bark). The upper photo depicted are of Norishige and the below is that of Tamestugu.

This sword is very robust with a motohabe of 3.22cm and a cutting edge of 67.5cm. Sori: 1.3cm. It is near flawless.

His teacher, Norishige's work is featured in lot SC0242.

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