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KASHU SANEKAGE, 1300s, disciple of Norishige, NBTHK Juyo Token
Upon the advice from a learned sword expert, I began to collect swords made by the ten great disciples of Masamune. But these Soshu swords are not easily available and if found, mostly are not in good condition. Those that are in good condition are very expensive.

Norishige was a senior fellow student to Masamune under Shingoto Kunimitsu. His work is sometimes superior to Masamune in the hataraki activities.

It is special to have a Juyo Norishige in my collection and soon, I found a Juyo Tametsugu, Juyo Sanekage and Uda, all students of Norishige lineage.

Sanekage 's works are flavored with the same style as Go Yoshihiro and Norishige. The hamon looks like flowing lava peppered with thick vibrant nie.

His best works are often mistakenly attributed to Go, Norishige and also Sadamune.

NBTHK certified this sword as Juyo (Important sword).

Nagasa: 69.5cm
Kasane 7.1cm
Weight of blade:805g
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