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Swords by Go Yoshihiro are so rare that there is an old Japanese saying " One never sees a ghost or a Go"

The sword dealers in Japan regard Go swords as mysterious, extremely hard to find and more rare than Masamune.

Go Yoshihiro is one of the most famous smiths to have lived. From the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, he has been revered as one of the 3 Great Smiths of Japan (his peers being Masamune, Awataguchi Yoshimitsu).

He is considered as the greatest student of Masamune and as a peer to his teacher in skill.

He died young at the age of 27-30 and left behind a small number of swords, that had lost the signatures through shortening.

Since ancient time to now, his swords are very much treasured and included in major Daimyo collections, The Imperial Collection and other important collections.

Go and Norishige hail from the Matsukura county and their work are very similar in the pattern of the kitae. Overall, Go's nie are very bright.

For some special reason, I want to buy a Go. Whilst waiting, a Norishige, a Tamestugu and a Sanekage appeared, I was praying for a Go to join the family and this sword came to me after many months of waiting. Finally, it was offered to me and I bought it.

This sword has a very wide hamon laden with lots of very bright silvery nie and combined with Go's unique nioi-guchi, they appear like stars in the milky way.

Last photo depicts this Go next to the famous Inaba Go, both having the special Bohi that ends early before the kissaki.

Nagasa :68.5cm
Motohaba: 29.99mm
Moto kasane: 6.1mm
Saki haba 19.8mm
Sakikasane: 3.8mm

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