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Casio. Mr. G
Casio Hammertone, Mr. G, 219/300 pieces, worldwide.
The whopping 49.8 millimeter-wide and 16.9 millimeter-thick case of the new Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A is light and looks good even on an Asian wrist.

It is the most expensive casio on the market costing over SIN$9,200.

The most important element to any Hammer Tone G-Shock is of course the Tsuiki finishing of the case. Tsuiki is a technique that is based on using a hammer to create a relief design on metal sheets and something that, Casio say, "has been handed down from 1,200 years ago." It is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that has been used to shape, decorate and harden pieces of metal used for armors, copper-ware and more.
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